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[Breaking News] 김남길 / Kim Nam Gil hospitalized due to dehydration, advised to take a rest from Pirates filming

Actor Kim Nam Gil's filming for his upcoming movie Pirates halts for a while after he was rushed to the hospital due to severe dehydration, Star J Entertainment says via Osen News.

Based on a phonecall made by Osen to Star J, Kim Nam Gil will take a break from filming until the 22th because of fatigue and heat from the filming. It's noted that because this movie is a sageuk , the actors are wearing thick costumes. Agency confirms that the filming will continue on the 22th.

The anticipated 10 Billion won movie 'Pirates' starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin will premiere towards the end of this year.

Source : Osen
Verbatim translation by Kim Nam Gil 김남길 Philippines
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  1. Oh dear.. please don't work too hard. Take care of your health. We only live once. Need to stay healthy and happy. Wishing Namgil for speedy recovery :)

  2. I wish you good health and quick to return a lot of strength !!!

  3. Hope u hav a speedy recovery, Nam gil hyung :)

  4. I hope that he takes a lot of fluids from now on to stay hydrated. Wishing for his speedy recovery and good health so that they can finish filming without any bad incident.

  5. Nam Gil, take care of your health please!!! I'll pray for u

  6. 김 남 길 오 빠 be carefull

  7. Get well soon 김 남 길 오 빠
    I wish i will see u soon on SHARK 2.