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[News ✮ 2013 | ] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 Kim Nam Gil Injured During Movie Shoot And Currently Resting

News site, TV Report, has revealed that actor Kim Nam Gil has suffered an injury during the shoot of his new movie “Pirates” and is currently at home resting.

TV Report states that several representatives have gotten in contact with them to state that actor Kim Nam Gil has suffered an injury during the filming for his new movie “Pirates.”  The movie is currently deep into its shooting schedule, and it appears that Kim Nam Gil has gotten injured during one of the many actions scenes present within the film.

Kim Nam Gil’s agency, Star J Entertainment, said, “Kim Nam Gil has suffered an injury during the shooting of “Pirates,” however it’s nothing to worry about. He is currently at home resting and will return to the film set according to schedule.”

This isn’t the first time Kim Nam Gil has had health related issues during the shoot. Last month Kim Nam Gil had to receive treatment at hospital due to symptoms of exhaustion. There is some concerns that these problems could have an adverse effect on the shooting schedule for the movie but they report that the problem won’t be as bad as they initially thought.

The movie “Pirates” is an action blockbuster set during the Joseon Dynasty and is about a pirate and bandit on the hunt for a whale that has devoured the Royal Seal. The film has a total budget of approximately US$9.16 million and features actors such as Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, f(x)’s Sulli, Lee Kyung Young, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Soo and Shin Jung Geun. (SOURCE : SOOMPI NEWS)


  1. 웨요 오빠,don't u love your fans 오빠.
    Why u always make us worry abouth u,we don't
    want to see your live on the stage like many drama u did.
    So please please n please 건강하세요 남길오빠.
    U always in my pray.

  2. Good luck with your new movie! <3

  3. I wish you get well soon. I don't like to hear you were injury all the time.
    this is cause so much worry about you. Please look after yourself well.
    We want to see your act always and all time.
    Please take care..