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[Breaking News] Son Ye Jin and キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 deny that they are dating

With rumors traveling around, Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil have cleared the air and denied that they are in a romantic relationship.

On October 29, Son Ye Jin’s agency, MS Team stated in a press release that Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil are only close colleagues, especially after filming the KBS drama, Shark together earlier in the 2012. They are also currently filming the movie Pirates together.

“Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil are close colleagues. Other than official gatherings, the two have not met in private.”

Kim Nam Gil’s agency, Star J Entertainment also stated the same.

“We’re also very surprised at the sudden dating rumors. We’ll just take it as interest for their upcoming film,” said the agency.

A news platform reported earlier that Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil have been dating for four months since the conclusion of Shark in July.

Photo Credit: KBS

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (enewsworld.cj@gmail.com)


  1. please sayin that they've been dating :"))

  2. I would love to see Ye Jin find truth love in KNG.

  3. This is an irresistable good news. I like it.

  4. let it be....they're also ordinary human being....want to be love and to love

  5. it would be nice if they are really dating they look good together

  6. If they love you,I wish you long life,success and hapiness [and beautiful children as they ] MARLENA APATEANU