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[Interview] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 - Rising Star in Asia

Reporter: How do you feel about the "Rising Actor of Asia" award?

KNG: I don't know if I'm qualify for this award, but I hope in the future I can act good to repay everyone.

Reporter: Have you notice or do you like any Asian actor? Do you want to do Hong Kong movie?

KNG: I like Leslie Cheung a lot, I still like his "Days of Being Wild", also Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Hong Kong movie "A Better Tomorrow" by director John Woo. Hong Kong martial arts movies are well known overseas, especially I like "Red Cliff" and "Three Kingdoms" film series, in addition, also like comical movies starring Stephen Chow, if I have the opportunity I would like to try martial arts movie.

Reporter: In "Bad Guy" is the characters personality very different than your own personality?

KNG: Yes, my own personality is cheerful, humorous, there was a big difference to portray the character in "Bad Guy", therefore, it was a big pressure when I portrayed it, however, last July I starred in another movie "Pirates" which will release soon, this time I portrayed a cheerful character, closer to the real me.

Reporter: From "Bad Buy", "Shark" and "Queen Seondeok" and many other dramas, which one is your favorite?

KNG: My favorite is "Bad Guy", because I am not like that character in real life, it was good to try to be a bad guy.

Reporter: Have you seen the recent popular drama "My Love from the Star"? If have the opportunity which role would you like to play in "My Love from the Star"?

KING: I have seen it, if I have the opportunity I would like to try Jun Ji Hyun's character "Cheon Song Yi", I feel she's not afraid to show her emotions, did well in the love parts, is a very interesting role.

Reporter: Which part of your body are you most satisfy? Often with long hair and mustache, do you think it particularly suit you?

KNG: Most satisfy with my butt, because it's firm. (not sure if it's the right word. lost in translation) Long hair and mustache to accommodate the characters needs, I feel this image can differentiate with other Korean actors, but after done filming "Pirates" I shaved the mustache.

Reporter: You launched an album "Roman" before, do you have confidence with your singing skill?

KNG: To say have confidence, let say I like to sing a lot, I like to sing karaoke to relieve stress, but I mostly sing 80 's and 90 's old songs.

Reporter: Do you have favorite Korean singer group?

KNG: Korean boy group Big Bang and girl group 2NE1.

Reporter: Your early movie "No Regret" portrayed a gay man, you had passionate scenes with the other actor, next movie "Portrait of a Beauty" had passionate scenes with the actress, which one do you feel is harder?

KING: It is harder to have passionate scenes with actress, because with actor you don't have to care too much, will have less pressure, have to be careful with actress when filming passionate scenes, can't be too close.

Reporter: If the story needs to, are you acceptable to go nude? Do you have confidence with your body?

KNG: Of course I can, as long as the story needs to, if necessary right now I can undress. I'm not particularly confidence with my body, but I do sports, such as yoga and soccer, also I participate the entertainment circle's star soccer team.

Reporter: In 2010, you served two years of military service, were you afraid that you will lose fans?

KNG: Indeed I worried, during the military period the most difficult was not able to see fans, also I did not know after I release from service, will I lose many fans along, I was fortunate to shoot "Bad Guy" and after release, shoot "Shark" got many Asian fans love it, made me more appreciate for the acting opportunity.

Parents give up on rushing me to get married 33 years old Kim Nam Gil and 32 years old actress Son Ye Jin first collaborated in drama "Shark" and new movie "Pirates" started rumor, during the interview he replied their rumor, said that they are just very close, in drama acting intimate, in reality when with each other and a little intimate will start rumor.

He also revealed his ideal type, he likes broad-minded women. When asked if he has any plan for marriage? He said with a smile if he meet his ideal woman he will get married as soon as possible, but it is hard for actors to get married early, when he sees his friends already have kids, he will envy them having a happy family, but said with a smile his parents already give up on rushing him to get married.



  1. awww ♥

    thank you for this wonderful site ! I hope you'll update more often ^^

  2. Kim Nam Gil is really a rare one for me :) Saranghae Oppa! <3

  3. Kim Nam Gil is really a rare one for me :) Saranghae Oppa! <3

  4. Kim Nam Gil is really a rare one for me :) Saranghae Oppa! <3

  5. Kim Nam Gil is really a rare one for me :) Saranghae Oppa! <3