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[NEWS 2014] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 to star with Jeon Do-yeon in The Rogue

Kim Nam-gil (Shark) will work for the first time opposite veteran actress Jeon Do-yeon in the upcoming movieThe Rogue, written and directed by Oh Seung-wook (Kilimanjaro) The suspense film will be about an investigator on the hunt for a killer, the killer’s girlfriend and the unexpected and carnal attraction that develops between the officer and the killer’s mate.
Jeon Do-yeon has been cast as the murderer’s significant other — when he goes on the lam she awaits his return. In his absence Kim Nam-gil establishes himself in her life, but she doesn’t know he’s a cop tracking her boyfriend and she begins to fall for him. It’s a role described as one requiring the co-existence of despairimmorality, tenacity and purity but we know Jeon Do-yeon can pull it off — during her almost 25-year career (um, kind of crazy but I remember watching her and Jang Dong-gun in their debut drama Our Paradise), she’s put in some amazing performances and has been recognized for her work both domestically and internationally.
Kim Nam-gil’s character is hell-bent on finding the criminal by any means necessary. Eventually he is unable to deny his feelings for Jeon Do-yeon, and we’ll see him struggle with his growing desire to be with her and his responsibility to capture and put her man behind bars This was a smart next project for Kim, as this meaty role (partnered with an always solid actress) in a heavier crime movie will follow the release of the blockbuster Piratethis summer Jeon also has a big budget production being released soon, Gallant Woman: Memory of the Sword
The Rogue is expected to begin filming in mid-June, after Jeon Do-yeon returns from serving on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival
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