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[Movie 2014] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) 's 'The Pirates' releases full trailer , to premiere on August 6

One of the highest budget films of 2014 'The Pirates' releases the full trailer showcasing the grand character and story plot of the movie.

Excerpt from Hancinema:

With 120 staff overseeing 3,000 costumes, the film was ambitious and took a year to complete. Director Lee Seok-hoon said his work, loosely based on the Great Seal of Korea going missing during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) was "a fusion of history and imagination".

For the lead Son, rather than historical or comedic appeal, she couldn't turn down the irresistible female pirate lead, Yeo-wol.

"I've never tried an action film, and in what small portion of action there was in my previous comedy or melodrama works, I found it so hard", said Son. When shooting got underway in the middle of winter, Son admitted she wanted to cry and that all she can remember now is "how cold it was".

"But this character is unprecedented in Korea, so I thought I should get on board before I get older", Son said.

The film opens Aug. 6

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