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[Interview| Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil talks about actresses that he has worked with during his career

Kim Nam Gil talked about actresses that he worked with.

Actor Kim Nam Gil had an interview with StarN News recently, and he talked about actresses that he has worked with so far.

Kim Nam Gil casted in 'Queen Sunduk' with Go Hyun Jung, worked with Kim Hye Soo in movie 'Modern Boy,' Son Ye Jin in drama 'Shark' and movie 'The Pirates,' and Oh Yeon Soo in drama 'Bad Guy.' At the moment, he is shooting a new film called 'A Bastard' with Jun Do Yeon.

Kim Nam Gil said, "Acting is all about working with others. So far, I got lucky, and met up with some amazing actresses who helped me a lot so that I fully focus on my part."

He went on, "I have worked with some of the most amazing actresses, and I don't even know who I should work with in the future. Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hye Soo, Oh Yeon Soo, Son Ye Jin, and Jeon Do Yeon. All of them are actresses who make their partners to look better.

Kim Nam Gil also said, "They are veterans, and I could learn a lot while working with them."

Regarding Son Ye Jin, who is the only actress that he worked with twice, Kim said, "I have built my career slowly and steadily, but Son Ye Jin was a superstar from the very beginning part of her career. I could feel how skilled an actress she is while casting in 'Shark.'"

Kim Nam Gil also said, "When preparing for 'The Pirates,' I thought it would be very fun to express our characters in our own ways," and "I think the movie could go much better than expected because we knew each other quite well."

Meanwhile, 'The Pirates' revolves around a giant whale, which swallowed a royal seal, and the coming together of a mountain bandit named Jang Sa Jung (Kim Nam Gil), and a female pirate named Yeo Wol (Son Ye Jin) to capture the whale. The movie will be officially released on August 6th. (source)


  1. He is so awesome. So humble. Be still my heart. Beautiful, Caring Person!!!

  2. ..i know that he is a kind,humble guy the first time i watch his drama.
    kip up da gud work,,hope to meet you in person..

  3. how come he never mention Lee Yo Won?