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[ Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil 's 'The Pirates' to be released in 4D

'The Pirates' will be released in 4D.

Movie 'The Pirates' will be officially released on August 6th, and the production team announced that the movie will be released in 4D as well.

4D is an entertainment presentation system that combines a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre in synchronization with the film.

'The Pirates' is one of the most anticipated action films of the year, and a great number of movie fans are showing explosive reactions for this news.

A great number of spectacle scenes in the movie will get even better through physical effects that occur in synchronization with the scenes.

The battle of Wiha Island, and the chase after the whale, and battles on sea will become more suspenseful with vibrations.

The scene that shows the giant whale's appearance will also become more realistic and thrilling thanks to various 4D effects.

Meanwhile, the 4D version of 'The Pirates' will be presented at Lotte Cinema Nowon, Cheongryangri, Gimpo Airport, Gasan Digital Town, Pyeongchon, Seo Cheongju, Ulsan, Gwangju, and Suwon branches.
/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji en@starnnews.com

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