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[ Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil 's 'The Pirates' surpasses 4 million views

The Pirates' obliterated its opening week score.

According to Korea Fim Council's database summary, movie 'The Pirates' surpassed 4 million views as of August 17th.

It took 12 days for 'The Pirates' to surpass 4 million views, and this pace is 4 days faster than that of movie 'Gwang Hae,' which took 16 days to surpass 4 million views.

More people watched 'The Pirates' than the first week. On August 15th, 515,070 people watched 'The Pirates,' and on August 16th, 492,505 people watched the movie.

The seat occupancy rate peaked 72.9% on 15th, and 66.8% on 16th, which is the highest rate among all of the films that were released this summer. At the moment, people are focusing their attention to whether 'The Pirates' will be able to break the record of 'Roaring Currents.'

Many fans are showing great excitement for this news as well, and one fan gifted a caricature of the main characters to the actors.

Meanwhile, 'The Pirates' is getting played at every movie theaters in Korea.
/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji en@starnnews.com