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[ Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin to Keep “Hug and Drinks” Promise to Fans After “The Pirates” Reached 7 Million Viewers

“The Pirates” lead actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin will be celebrating the box office success of their movie by giving back to their fans through a special event!

According to a representative from “The Pirates,” the thanksgiving event is a fulfillment of the promise the two actors made to their fans: if the movie reaches seven million views, Kim Nam Gil will give 70 fans a back hug while Son Ye Jin will drink beer together with another 70 fans.

“The cast including Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin as well as Director Lee Seok Hoon will participate in the thanksgiving event of ‘The Pirates.’ Also, they will hold an even more meaningful event wherein they will personally extend their gratitude to the fans who watched ‘The Pirates,’” said Lotte Entertainment, the distributor of “The Pirates,” on September 1.

The thanksgiving event is said to take place on September 3, 7 p.m. (KST) at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University. (SOOMPI)

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