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Kim Nam Gil 김남길 , Kim Myung Min, Kim Dae Myung, and More Cast for Film “Pandora”

Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min, Kim Dae Myung (“Misaeng“), Na Moon Hee, and Jung Jin Young have been cast for disaster flick “Pandora.”

The blockbuster will be directed by award-winning director Park Jung Woo, whose last project, “Deranged” (2012), was a box office hit. “Pandora” will be the latest in a continuing string of Korean disaster films, including “Tidal Wave” (2009), “The Tower” (2012), and “The Terror Live” (2013).

Rather than focusing on simply the disaster itself, the movie will highlight the devotion and sacrifice of the nation’s president and the citizens as they risk their lives for the country.

Kim Nam Gil, who recently starred in box office hit “The Pirates,” will play Jae Hyuk, the main protagonist who must fight alone to save the nation and his family. Kim Myung Min, who worked with Park Jung Woo before on “Deranged,” will take on the role of South Korea’s president.

The production team is expected to begin filming early next y

source : SOOMPI 

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  1. Its now 2019....I found nothing beyond 2015....did I miss it?
    Wonderful actor with a commanding beautiful presence: I would like to see him do more quality film ( not Pirates)